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  • We will be considering the design and analysis of algorithms.

    A well-designed algorithm can sometimes be amazingly more efficient than a plain, more straightforward one, and designing these better ones is one goal of this course.

    The other goal is to develop the mathematical tools to analyze algorithms. Being able to say things like "Yeah, that's an n-cubed algorithm, but it's much better than the 2-to-the-n algorithm" is important when thinking about or discussing algorithm efficiency.

  • We will learn a bit of the C programming language, and apply it to solving problems using the Spartan robotics platform, by Modern Robotics.
  • Operating Systems are the software that turn bare-bones electronics into usable devices. For example, a file saved on disk is a bunch of microscopic magnetic rearrangements, and yet we can double-click an icon on the screen and listen to music from our computer speakers. A large part of making that happen is the job of the operating system. We will explore two operating systems in this class: mostly Linux, and a little bit of Windows. But the underlying concepts are the same regardless of the operating system, so most of our time will be spent on the more general principles.
  • Course 3: Continuation of CS 1. Taught using the Java language. Focuses on advanced data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs, and some simple algorithms such as sorting.
  • Course 2: The mathematics that underlies computer science.
  • Course 1: Introduction to computer science and the Java programming language.
  • Multivariable calculus, vector calculus and three-dimensional calculus will be considered.
  • Starting with integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, we will explore the "accumulation" side of calculus with integrals and antiderivatives. We will also explore series and vectors.
  • We explore the "rate of change" side of calculus in this first semester, including limits and derivatives.

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